Cookie & Privacy Policy

Cookies are small files that help browsers navigate through a website. When a cookie is created by a website it is stored in the cookie folder on your device. The location of this folder varies depending on which device and browser is being used. Browsers will access this folder each time the website that created it is visited.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are used for a variety of different reasons these can range from allowing a login to a website, to remembering settings selected in earlier visits. Cookies are used by websites to store information on a computer, they are needed because websites are unable to access other files on your device. Essentially, they are the memory of an internet browser and are stored in a format that facilitates easy retrieval.

How does the Frogmore website use cookies?

There are currently two ways we are using cookies on our website, the first is the login section (also known as ‘FREP’ or ‘Investors Area’). This is an area of the website that investors use and it requires them to login to ensure only investors are given access to the information within this section. To ensure users are authorised to access the content a cookie is created when they enter a username and password, this allows the website to check if they are an authorised user. We also use cookies for the Google Analytics code that we have installed. This code allows us to track visitor numbers to the website as well as information on the visitor trends, for example, the number of people who leave the website without visiting additional pages. This information is used to improve the website so that it can best meet the needs of its users. The information collected is anonymous and cannot be used to identify individual users.

How can cookies be removed?

If you do not wish to receive cookies when visiting websites the browsers settings can be updated to reject requests by websites to set cookies. However, it is important to note that some websites may have limited functionality without the ability to set cookies and others may stop working altogether. If cookies are disabled on our website the login area will not be able to authenticate a user and, as a result, access to this area of the website will be disabled.

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At Frogmore we are committed to cyber security and information privacy. If you have questions regarding our compliance with Cyber Essentials, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or to make a GDPR Subject Access Request, please email