Diversity Statement

Frogmore is an equal opportunities employer that actively promotes its policy in the workplace.  We strongly believe there should be no barriers to an individual’s employment or preferment based on their ethnic or religious background, sexual orientation, age or social status.

We aim to create a positive and supportive working environment for all our staff and oppose and will act to redress any unfair or unlawful forms of discrimination.

Our company culture is inclusive rather than exclusive:  one that recognises and values what a person can do rather than what they are by birth or upbringing.  We hold a common set of values and welcome individuals as members of a team.

Appointments or preferments will be made based on an individual’s merit, suitability and qualifications to fulfil a role.  They will not be made or withheld based on race, creed, gender, class, age or any other prejudicial basis.

We take the view that diversity in the workplace should not be solely concerned with the elimination of negative attitudes but the assertion of positive values.  We believe that, by virtue of their individuality, each employee has a unique contribution to make.

Our diversity polity is not merely to be invoked in cases of violation but will be actively promoted through recruitment and promotion.

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