Hilton UK Foundation Ball 2022

Hilton UK Foundation Ball 2022

Frogmore has always been committed to improving the built environment and quality of life for everyone. As such, we are long-standing supporters of charities such as Land Aid, whose mission is to end youth homelessness in the UK; Willow Foundation, which funds ‘Special Days’ for seriously ill young adults at the most difficult times and XLP who create positive futures for young people growing up in inner-city communities in London.

We were especially proud, along with our partners at C1 Capital, to act as joint sponsors of the Hilton UK Foundation Ball 2022 on Saturday 3rd of December. It’s a great privilege to get involved in such crucial work.

Like Hilton, we recognise that the education and training of our future workforce is crucial to the prosperity of the UK, and of particular importance in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic which affected young people so profoundly.

As business partners with whom we share a close cultural fit, we fully support the Hilton UK Foundation and its ongoing work designed to promote skills development, training, mentoring and career opportunities for young people.

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