Inspiring Women in Property Awards

All of us at Frogmore are immensely proud of our Chief Executive Jo Allen for taking home the crown for ‘Leader of the Year – Financial and Professional Services’ – in Property Week’s Inspiring Women in Property Awards!

Her keen support of diversity in the workplace has meant that 50% of roles in the Frogmore team are occupied by women with at least one experienced female professional in every department in the firm. In addition, Jo takes time out to mentor women progressing through the world of property and associated industries in both formal, and informal roles. 

Success in this sector is hard earned, and the female employees at Frogmore are no mere token presence. They have achieved their positions at Frogmore thanks to a company culture that recognises and rewards talent across the board from Frogmore’s Chief Executive to management and staff at every level.

In the words of Property Week: Huge congratulations on this well-deserved triumph for your outstanding achievements! 

One key element of the awards entry were the testimonials that poured in from colleagues, industry peers, and those whom Jo has mentored in the past. These include:

“Jo is a focused individual who definitively sets her goal and implements her business plan. This is achieved with clarity, professionalism, and good communication. Her team and professional advisers can trust Jo to be concise, honest and implement what was agreed. 

In a stressful world of both business and personal issues. Jo has great empathy. Enabling her to build trust and helping others with kindness. Such support can be rare in business. In my experience working with Jo for 20 years her approach pays dividends in terms of loyalty, friendship and ultimately good business in her current role as CEO of Frogmore Real Estate Partners”.

I have worked with Jo Allen for 27 years.  A more stable, sensible, kind, thoughtful, organised and competent colleague it would be hard to find.  One of the first female CEO’s in our sector who has since inspired many in the industry and continues to show leadership the industry requires. 

“Jo has always sought to be a mentor and a role model within the industry looking to improve the diversity of the industry and support individuals in their own journeys.  Jo uses her position to empower others within Frogmore, and across the wider industry to provide opportunities to progress.  Jo has engaged in both formal mentoring initiatives to offer opportunities to people who may not otherwise be exposed to the career opportunities in the built environment, as well as engaging in informal mentoring and support.   Jo generously shares her wisdom, insights and advice.  As one of the few female CEOs in her field, Jo has charted a path where she has also demonstrated that you can stay true to your values and who you are, as well as be a respected and successful senior commercial leader.  Jo will always fight for the underdog!  Sometimes in creative ways.” 

“ I have worked closely with Jo for many years and have seen at first-hand how hard she works and the time and commitment she shows not only for our business but for the charities and good causes she supports. 

One of the many things that marks Jo out as a particularly inspiring woman is that whilst her drive and enthusiasm inspires those around her she also has the softer but perhaps more important ability to support and empathise with her colleagues, particularly when they are going through difficult times in their lives.

Her compassion and willingness to give of herself and to roll her sleeves up and do the hard things sets her apart from many leaders I have worked with.

Jo is very passionate about diversity within the real estate sector and without seeking plaudits or rewards, she mentors other females within and outside of Frogmore. She is also a champion of the Pathways to Property programme and by nature invariably is on the side of the less fortunate or the underdog.

Whilst the award may be for inspiring women in property, I see Jo as being simply an inspiring individual who stands tall in our industry and in my opinion is highly deserving of some recognition. “

“Jo has been invaluable to me as a mentor, sharing professional and personal advice during our regular catch ups. Her support and encouragement helped me get my long-awaited promotion over the line. She is incredibly supportive and someone I consider a role model in the industry and look up to. I hope she receives the award as I truly believe she deserves it. I believe we need more women in leadership roles who, like Jo, help lift other young women starting on this journey.”

When I grow up – I want to be Jo Allen!

Jo is a long-term supporter and friend of LandAid, and one of the best cheerleaders of our work to end youth homelessness. Frogmore has been an actively engaged LandAid partner since 2009 and we know this would not be possible without Jo’s amazing enthusiasm for our work. A member of our Fundraising Committee and esteemed LandAid Patron, Jo has championed LandAid’s work to a number of ways (even convincing her husband to run the London Marathon for us!). Her unwavering support has enabled us to create real impact for young people facing homelessness, creating vital homes for those most in need. Jo’s insight and wisdom is invaluable in driving our fundraising activity and her passion for our cause is infectious, motivating our team to achieve our goals.

Jo is an extremely inspirational woman in a male dominated industry – and someone I personally look up to. She wholly deserves to win this award!

I have always found Jo to be engaging, approachable, personable, and honest. She is well known for her values, which include building long term relationships within the industry, supporting those that she works with and loyalty to those in her team.

An enthusiastic mentor & supporter of rising talent within the industry, Jo always speaks her mind, should the occasion demand, and has proved on numerus occasions that she’s not afraid to challenge the real estate ‘status quo’.



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